Malnourished Stray Cat Can’t Stop Smiling After Getting Rescued

Wallace the cat only weighs 5 lbs

This emaciated stray cat who only weighs 5 pounds, Can’t stop smiling after a kind-hearted woman saved him and gave him a place to call home.

Meet Wallace the cat!

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary saw an important plea on Facebook looking for a help for a malnourished cat that wandered into a neighborhood.

“I didn’t really need to see anymore than this first photo before I knew I had to help,” Karyn said.

She has no idea how long he’s been on the streets and how long the kitty has been searching for food. 

“We know he was someone’s pet at some time. Unsure if he just had a string of bad luck or if someone dumped him off. He was never claimed by his owners and he was not microchipped, so we took him in,” Karyn told Love Meow.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

His approximate age is between 8-10 years old, he has few missing teeth and his weight is only 5 lbs. “He is 100% legs! He’s so tall!”

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

When they took him to the vet’s office, Wallace can’t help himself but smile and purr the entire time.

“He is a very lovely cat! He was very happy to have someone to play with him,” Karyn said to Love Meow.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

After a long while, Wallace finally had a decent meal. You can see his satisfaction as he purred the loudest purrs you can possibly imagine after finishing his meal.

“We have a positive outlook for his rehabilitation. No kitten should be this skinny!”

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

After Wallace moved into his forever home, his health is so much better and has even made a brand new best buddy.

 “His roommate is 20 year old Oswald and they get along just fine. Wallace takes the window and Oswald takes the very coveted plush beds.”

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

He can’t stop purring each and every time he sees his humans and always demands for head scratches.

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

Wallace found a nice warm cozy spot by the window and he’s very happy to be with his new family. He’s even got some lunch on his chin that he’s very proud of!

Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary 

Wallace enjoys some chicken and cheese from his favorite human. Look how satisfied he is!

This is what love and care can do! His transformation is so inspiring. Wallace looks so happy and finally has a place he can call home.

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