Man Miraculously Reunited With His Cat After 15 Years Of Separation

cat reunites with owner after 15 years

It all started in 2005, when Charles adopted a 2-month-old brown tabby cat. He named her Brandy. The two started to share happy memories together for months, but then something tragic happened. Brandy just vanished. One afternoon, she went to the backyard and never came back.

“She went outside in the afternoon to our backyard,” he said. But when it got dark and he went to bring her inside, she was nowhere to be found.

County of Los Angeles Palmdale Animal Care Center

Brandy’s disappearance broke his heart. Charles searched literally everywhere for the kitten, but unfortunately, he didn’t found her.

He came up with the worst possibility, but deep down, Charles still hoped someone had adopted Brandy and taken good care of the poor cat.

After that incident, Charles had no choice but to move on. He adopted two younger cats and moved to San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, where he now works as a computer technician.

County of Los Angeles Palmdale Animal Care Center

After 15 years, Charles received a surprising call that he never thought he would receive. At the other end of the line was Palmdale Animal Care Center, they called to report that they had found an injured cat that they believed to be his.

Brandy was found about 65 kilometers away from its place of residence. the information of the cat could be confirmed thanks to the microchip implanted in her. Charles changed his address, but fortunately his phone number is always the same.

“I saw her, I picked her up and she started to purr and it was very emotional,” Charles said. “It was nice to have her in my arms again.″

”I did break down and cry because I thought about all of the years I lost from her,” said Charles

County of Los Angeles Palmdale Animal Care Center

Charles has no idea what happened to Brandy during these 15 years, but he suspects that someone adopted the cat and kept her in their house without checking her chip.

Unfortunately, Charles can’t manage to take care of Brandy now since he already has two other cats in his one-bedroom apartment, But Brandy is staying with his sister nearby, and he plans to visit often.

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