Man With A Heart Of Gold Creates A Sanctuary For Homeless Cats

Nour Eddine, A Shop owner in Agadir, Morocco, created a safe place for homeless cats where they can take a rest and have plenty of food to eat.

Nour Eddine’s clothing store has a unique feature that you won’t find anywhere else in the market: a beautiful garden he built for the local strays. It’s a sanctuary for the homeless cats.

Market goers are amazed whenever they pass in front of Nour’s shop. They can’t help but notice the happy and contented cats that are resting inside the mini garden. They have food, water and are well taken care of.

Nour built the garden few years ago, and it’s become a sanctuary for homeless and injured cats. He regularly gives them food and water, and medicine if there’s an injured kitty.

“When one of the cats get sick, I get sick,” he told Agadir Info. “I can’t do any business until the cat is taken care of.”

While Nour shoulder’s most of the finances, some of his customers give him small donations.

Nour’s son assists him in his shop whenever he’s taking care of the cats.

“I do not enter my house until I finish my duty feeding the cats,” he says. “These cats don’t have a home, so they depend on me to feed them.”

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(h/t: agadirinfo.mareddit)

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