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Meet Kit, The Indoor Cat That Can't Get Enough of the Snowy Outdoors

Meet Kit, the snow-loving feline who has taken the internet by storm with his love for the winter wonderland. Kit is a domestic shorthair cat who lives with his owner, a woman who has been sharing his snowy escapades on social media. Kit’s owner has been documenting his love for the snow, which she says is nothing short of an obsession.
The video starts with Kit’s owner asking him if he wants to go outside to play in the snow with the kids. They had just had a snowstorm, and there was plenty of snow outside. As soon as Kit steps outside, he starts frolicking around, enjoying the snow like a child. He rolls in it, runs in it, and just has the time of his life.
Kit’s owner decides to take his snow obsession to the next level and puts some snow in a box for him. She is amazed to see Kit’s reaction when he sees the box of snow. He jumps right in and starts playing with the snow. His owner is surprised to see him enjoying it so much, but Kit just can’t get enough of it.
In the video, Kit’s owner shares that she has been doing this every winter since he was a kitten. She also shares that Kit has been obsessed with snow since he was four weeks old. He was so obsessed with a tent that he destroyed it completely.
Despite his owner’s efforts to build him a fancy cat tree, Kit still preferred his broken tent. Kit has been a source of joy and comfort for his owner, especially during tough times. In 2019, she was diagnosed with cancer and was told she couldn’t have any more kids. Kit’s arrival was perfectly timed, and he became a source of comfort for her during her difficult time.
Kit is more than just a snow-loving feline; he is a reminder that the simple things in life can bring so much joy. His playful antics have captured the hearts of many, and his owner’s videos have become viral sensations on social media. Kit’s love for the snow is a testament to the beauty of the winter season and how we can find joy in even the coldest of temperatures.
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