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Miraculous Rescue: Five Newborn Kittens with Umbilical Cords Intact Find Love and a Warm Forever Home

In October 2021, an agricultural transport truck carrying hay bales set off from the chilly Northeast and headed south toward Virginia. As the truck crossed the Mason-Dixon Line into the Commonwealth, the driver noticed something odd – a strange mewing sound coming from one of the bales. Upon closer inspection, the driver discovered five newborn kittens with their umbilical cords still attached.
hay bale kittens rescue

The driver had no way of tracking down the mother cat, and the kittens were hundreds of miles from where the bales were stacked on the truck. However, he knew he had to do something to ensure their survival. The kittens were temporarily taken in by the SPCA in Richmond, Virginia, until a foster home could be found for them.

hay bale kitten rescue in palm
They quickly became known as the “hay bale kittens” and were named after types of farmed feed. They were only a few days old, with their eyes still closed, and were unable to feed independently. It was clear that they needed 24-hour care if they were going to survive.

Luckily, Sara Sewell, a local foster mom with experience in neo-natal kitten care, stepped forward to take care of them. For the next eight weeks, Sara, her husband Jason, and their family took on the daunting task of caring for these tiny creatures. They had to bottle-feed them every two hours and stimulate their bowel movements. Sara explained that “a mom would lick them” to get their digestion systems moving, but “a human would not use their tongue.” So, she used a baby wipe to gently massage the kittens’ bellies. She also had to clean them up constantly.

Keeping the kittens warm was another crucial aspect of their care. Sara had to monitor their body temperature closely, as cold kittens would not eat and could die. She made sure they were always in a cozy nest of blankets, and even weighed them twice a day to make sure they were gaining weight as fast as possible.
As the holiday season approached, it was time to find the kittens forever homes. On December 23, the Richmond SPCA Adoption Center organized an adoption event, and families came from all over to meet the “hay bale kittens.” Most of them were looking for Christmas presents for their children, and the kittens quickly became the perfect gift. Sara became a “Christmas co-conspirator” and helped one adopter keep a kitten until late Christmas Eve, so a single mother could surprise her children on Christmas morning. Two other families also woke up to adorable, fluffy surprises on Christmas day.
As the kittens went off to their new homes, Sara and her family felt a mix of sadness and happiness. They had put in countless hours of hard work and love to ensure that these little creatures had a chance at life. The “hay bale kittens” had become a symbol of hope and resilience, proving that even in the face of adversity, love and kindness can conquer all.
The story of the hay bale kittens is a heartwarming reminder of the importance of rescue and care for animals in need. Despite facing adversity and being separated from their mother, these five little felines found a new home filled with love and care, thanks to the dedication of their foster family and the support of the Richmond SPCA Adoption Center.
There are countless animals out there who are in need of care and attention, just like the hay bale kittens. By adopting or fostering animals, you can make a significant impact in their lives and help them find the forever homes they deserve.
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