This Rescued Cat is Prettier Than Most Humans

My rescued cat is apparently a model.


This little girl is named Jasmine. She’s 10 years young, and was found feral with her siblings and mother when she was a kitten (under a month old). We rescued her a while ago now; approximately 9 years ago. Problem was, she was afraid of anything and everything due to her being born and raised feral. She was born to be afraid of humans. Due to the dogs’ scariness (he was harmless, but she didn’t know that) we proceeded to give her a warm, dry space to sleep, food/water, a clean litterbox, and if she wanted it, some love. However, she didn’t want any attention unless it was in the middle of the night, and the house was silent.


Well, I’m 21 and live alone. I’m a dog person, and have always dreamt of owning one, but due to college and work, it’s just not the right time for it. When I was 19, my parents suggested me taking Jasmine. Of course I wanted a dog, but they told me if I didn’t take her, they were going to try to rehome her somewhere that she can finally live in peace, because truth be told, she deserves some quiet where she doesn’t have to worry about the dogs or intruders, even if she never got over her fear of humans. I decided to give it a test run, and I’m glad I did.


Within a month, she came out of her shell and has turned into the most affectionate lovebug ever. These photos actually were difficult to take because she kept wanting to bonk my lens with her nose, rub against me, and cuddle. These are my first “official” photos of her (I’m a photographer, but there’s poor lighting in my room, and she doesn’t love the daytime). Needless to say, she’s become my little Jazzy, and I will refrain from getting a dog until she lives out her years. In some ways, she actually is like a dog, what with her love of stomach rubs and running and greeting me when i come upstairs. Of course, she’s still got her quirks, like her fear of the ceiling fan that has been here since, well, forever. She waits a few minutes before coming out of her hiding place when I get home to make sure I’m the only one and I didn’t bring company.


But regardless, she’s an extraordinary little critter. Didn’t expect to type so much, but once her story started flowing, there was no stopping it. Anyways, enjoy the photos of Jasmine, and please excuse the strange oversharpness of them. They didn’t look like that on my editing software. (just in case you’re curious, she’s currently curled up in a ball nestled in my side as I type this)

All photos credits to Tullamore Photography | imgur

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