Paralyzed Kitten Miraculously Learns to Walk with Help From his Foster Mom

Renley the paralyzed kitten

When A Veterinary nurse told Jessica Ruf about the story of Renley, a paralyzed 4-week-old kitten who was in desperate need of a foster home, Jessica knew she had to help the poor little kitty and decided to foster him.

With the help and financial assistance of Jessica’s friend Megan Oswald, founder of Heart and Soul Incorporated, They were able to start Renley’s physical therapy. “I knew Renley would need care 24/7 and a lot of physical therapy,” explains Jessica, and thankfully, Megan agreed to help with the cost of his medical care. “I wanted to give him a chance that he wouldn’t have had

After the third session, Renley is already showing signs of improvement. With the help of his foster mom, you can see how much effort Renly is putting into improving his mobility.

During Renley’s fourth session of acupuncture, He was energetic and he’s even trying to move his two back legs. Little by little, He is overcoming many obstacles with the help of Jessica, his doctor and others at the clinic.

Jessica also stimulates Renley’s legs multiple times a day to improve his proprioception, or
awareness of the position and movement of his body. She will assist Renley with walking by guiding his legs and supporting his abdomen, which builds strength and encourages movement.

The acupuncture is helping him immensely because it stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.

After a few days, A miracle happened. Renley starts to wall all by himself. It brought tears to Jessica’s eyes, he still has a way to go but it’s a great improvement from before.

After a Month of treatment with Jessica, Renley is showing a huge improvement is and is now very active like any other kitten of his age. Thanks to Jessica, he doing better than ever, and it won’t be long until he finds the perfect forever home.

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