Train station’s patrolling Cat Felix is promoted to Senior Pest Controller

An adorable black kitty named Felix gets her promotion for the first time. Felix the black cat has spent almost five years patrolling in West Yorkshire railway station. The people around the railway station are impressed of her dedication to her job. She has been working at Huddersfield Railway Station in the UK since 2011, catching mice, making new friends and entertaining the commuters on a daily basis in exchange for cat treats.
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Felix, a black-and-white cat, has been named Senior Pest Controller and given a new high-vis jacket and a name badge by TransPennine Express.
She has been working at Huddersfield Railway Station since 2011, catching mice, making friends with commuters on a daily basis and getting paid in cat treats


Felix arrived at the station as a nine-week-old kitten to take up the important role of ensuring platforms are free of mice and other vermin.
Challenges were faced earlier this month when the barriers designed to catch out fare dodgers prevented her from patrolling the station for mice.

Thankfully the train operators spotted Felix’s problem, and she now enjoys the use of a unique cat flap that allows her to bypass the barriers.
The new system has been a success and the feline is able to go about her business.
Over the years she has gained the support of her colleagues and captured the hearts of commuters in the process.
Felix even has her very own Facebook page with over 4,000 followers.


Chris Bamford, a Customer Services Assistant at the station, said: ‘The promotion is just a nice appreciation of Felix’s work. It is a reward for nearly five years of service. Her presence just brings a smile. ‘She can often be found on the concourse just sitting on a podium next to me during the busy periods. The morning commuters just glance at Felix and it brings a smile out of them.


‘Felix is part of the family here, although she does like to think that she runs the place.’
The dedicated moggie’s name was given to her when she was a kitten and staff thought she was a male.
After discovering she was actually female, they decided to keep the name anyway.

Credits: dailymail | Asadour Guzelian

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