10 Heartwarming Before-and-After Photos of rescued cats. This will left you inspired (Part 1)

A Cat is one of the best gift that a human can receive. They are cute, sweet, and adorable. they might misbehave or act bad sometimes but the warm love they bring to man is bigger than most of humans can give.

An estimated 70 million homeless animals are in need of homes in the U.S. and rescue shelters are struggling to provide them all with the care they need. If you are thinking of welcoming a new animal companion into your life, always choose to rescue or adopt.

Here are the 10 before and after photos of rescued cats will left you inspired.

1. Justin, the kitten who was rescued from fire.


via justinfiresurvivor


2. When Bunny was  found he was covered in wounds because of electrocution. Now look at the changes, He’s now safe and healthy.


via queenmab89


3.  Mr. Biscuits was badly burned and full of wounds when he tried to sleep inside a car engine because of the cold weather. Now, he doesn’t need to worry of cold weather anymore because he’s now safe in the hands of good people.


via mrbiscuitskitty


4. This 1 month old kitty was fighting for his life when he was found. A month after, he’s now happy with his new family.


via dadatina


5. Louie was only 2 weeks old he was abandoned in the neighborhood gutter. He’s now rescued and enjoying his new life.


via biodigital



6. This Blind kitten was the only survivor when she was found inside a box full of kittens. Today she is healthier, and cutter, than ever.



7. Six years ago, This cat named Kodama was found lying inside a box badly injured and infested  with maggots. She’s now happy, healthy and FLUFFY.


via what__year_is__this



8. Utopia was seeking shelter when he was found shaking and soaking wet out in the rain. 





9. Scout was malnourished when she was found. After a year she looks completely different.


via imgur



10. This cat is thin and badly injured when he was found. This is what he looks now.



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