Rescued Kitty Takes Care of Rescued Goat

When this sweet rescued kitty saw a goat who was also rescued by Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, The kitty immediately approached it and welcomed the rescued goat like an old friend. The friendly kitty stays beside the rescued goat the whole day, giving him lots of hugs and kisses. Such a sweet and caring kitty!


Photo: Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary

“Iker, the goat, has made a good friend, Cody, the cat. Since they met he tries not to separate from him. He lies beside him, and gives him so many kisses Iker eventually shouts for us to take him away. Here you can see Iker letting Cody love him and Cody loving him to the bones. Perhaps aware of his state of health. He arrived very bad, with fever, dehydration, pain and what’s worst, he barely wants to eat. We are doing everything possible to get him ahead. Please send much strength!”

Photo: Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary

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