Stray Cat Brings Friendship Goal to The Next Level When He Takes Care of His Disabled Cat Buddy

When you first look at Norang the cat, He is just like any ordinary cat. He looks adorable with that white-and-orange fur pattern. However, his hind legs were badly injured when he was just a little kitten, so Norang can’t move around like other cats.
Thankfullu, Norang’s got a friend who helps him all the time. Norang’s best friend Nabi is always present to take help him.

Via: Kritter Krub

Via: Kritter Krub
Nabi isn’t just there to take care of Norang. He also acts as his bodyguard to protect his bestfriend from other feral cats.

Via: Kritter Krub
Nabi also grooms his bestfriend.
Watch their heartwarming story below and witness the amazing friendship between Norang and Nabi

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