She Was Pregnant When She Rescued A Stray Cat, What The Cat Did In Return Was Really Sweet

Here’s another reason why you need to adopt and rescue stray cats. Alyssa Jones, an imgur user posted a wonderful story about the stray cat she rescued when she was 8 weeks pregnant. You will be surprised of what this adorable cat did in returning the favor to his rescuers. Read the story below.

stray cat 1
When I was 8 weeks pregnant with our first we found and took in a stray kitten.


stray cat 2
He was nervous at first but soon settled in


stray cat 3
This is what I woke up to most mornings.


stray cat 4
As my bump grew, he always cuddled it and became very protective of me and my unborn son.


stray cat 5
When I became bed bound due to pregnancy complications he never left my side.



stray cat 6
This beautiful boy became my best friend in the whole world.


stray cat 7
When I went into labor, he kept a paw on me and licked my tummy through every contraction


stray cat 8
I had to have an emergency c-section after 2 days of labor and ended up having to stay in hospital for a week. This is what he did.
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stray cat 9
He immediately fell in love with my son and wouldn’t leave his side.


stray cat 10
He binge watched Game of Thrones with us whilst I was recovering from surgery.


stray cat 11
They became inseparable


kitty face 12
Whenever I couldn’t find him, he would almost always be by the baby’s cot.


kitty face 13
He was over the moon when our son start ‘sneaking’ him food from his highchair.


He always makes us laugh by doing stuff like this.
He always makes us laugh by doing stuff like this.


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