Stray Cat Showed Up at Someone’s Doorstep and Surprises Them with Precious Gift

This beautiful Gray and White stray cat suddenly showed up on a someone’s doorstep and decided to move in

The friendly cat grab the opportunity to enter the house when she saw the door open, She immediately followed the home owners into their house and made herself right at home.


Imgur user tinytinkingdom shared this wonderful moment that happened last August. She first met the friendly kitty outside her house. The cat didn’t have a collar and no one in the area claimed her.

After taking the kitty to the vet, they found out that the cat is not micro-chipped. So they didn’t hesitated and decided to adopt her and officially welcomed her into her new home.

“She was happily relaxing indoors from the heat of 105 F (40.5 C). She’s safe with us. Welcome home little girl!”


After several days, her belly began to grow and it kept getting bigger and rounder. The vet found out that their newly-adopted kitty was pregnant with “probably three” babies.

Turned out, the friendly cat was looking for a safe and comfortable place for her little fur-babies and decided that this family, whom she had never met, would be the perfect fit. She couldn’t have been more right.


The family is already living with four cats, one tortoise, a large aquarium of fish before they met this friendly Mama Cat. When they saw her looking for shelter and food, they simply couldn’t say no.

After weeks of waiting, mama’s belly finally popped! She surprised them with six precious tiny kittens. Unfortunately, One of the kittens didn’t survive, but the rest of the kittens were healthy.

Precious moment was captured while mama cat is nursing and cleaning her little kittens..

She was completely devoted to her precious babies and didn’t want to take any breaks while taking care of them.

“Look at these fluffs! I named them: Momo (m) is the black one. Greebo (f) has white cheeks, Fred (m) and George (m) are the first two born and identical. Peony (f) is the smallest but loudest,” she said.


Once the kittens are big enough, All of them will be spayed and neutered and go to good homes.

While mama cat and the tiniest kitten will stay with their new family and will be soon joining the rest of the resident cats.

(H/T: Lovemeow / Imgur)

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