Stray Ginger Kitty Runs Up to Man and Decides That He Will Be His New Owner

A homeless ginger kitten took an immediate liking to a random guy. PotatoWasteland (PW), an imgur user shared how he met this cute little ginger kitten. According to PW, he is heading to his car one evening. when the little kitten sprinted across to him as if they already knew each other. He realized that he couldn’t leave the tiny kitten there alone in the cold, so he scooped her up and took her home. He immediately set up a cozy box in the garage for his new cute furry friend, he thought this would be fine for the first night as he did not know her history and planned to take her to the vet clinic or local animal shelter the following day.
PW decided to post some of her pictures online to look for her owners, He even took the sweet kitty to the local animal shelter to check if she’d been microchipped. She wasn’t and one of the staff at the shelter explained that she was probably a stray and they were very overcrowded at the moment, so PW decided to foster the little kitty until she was big enough to be spayed.

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