Stray Little Kitty Suddenly Appears to a Man and Dog and Determined to Follow Them Home.

One Afternoon, Jon Nienaber was walking his dog when a tiny stray kitten decided to follow them. Leslie Nienaber said the Cleveland, OH. area is full of stray cats. She said her husband called her while walking their basset hound, He told her about the the little stray kitten who joined them looking for some attention. Leslie immediately went to buy some cat food and gave it the little kitten.
She said the feline was so tiny, it could easily fit in her palm. Leslie said he poked his head through a chain link fence, The kitty was determined to find a family that will accept him. The little fluff ball followed the couple even after they began to walk away. The kitten refused to give up and keeps on following them, which is when she turned to Jon and said they needed to take him in.

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