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    Heroic Dog Risks His Life To Save Four Newborn Kittens From Fire

    This amazing video will tell us how humans can learn from Our Furry Friends. Leo the plucky Jack Russel Cross guarding what’s left of the family home in Melbourne, Australia the day after his heroics. It was ablaze when firefighters dodged fallen power lines to reach him and four newborn kittens he had refused to leave. […] More

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    Puppy and Kitten Joined Forces to Catch a Moth

    This kitty and its Golden retriever furiend just proved that two is better than one. Watch as these two adorable fur-buddies joined force to catch a pesky moth that has found its way inside. Make sure to watch until the end to see the “delicious” conclusion!   WATCH THE CLIP HERE: Source: Rumble / Loyalgold WANT MORE […] More

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    Puppy & Kitten Can’t Contain Excitement for New Bed!

    These two adorable fur-babies cannot simply hide their excitement when they found out their new gift from their human. “There’s something about this bed that brings out playtime in these two pets. Watch a Golden Retriever puppy and a kitten exhibit the exact same reactions when they begin to explore the bed. Hilarious!”   WATCH THE CLIP […] More

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    Jealous Kitten Steals Attention From Dog Friend

    Do you remember when you were still a kid and trying to get the attention of someone you admire but your pretty friend is the only he notices. This jealous kitty knows that feeling. “It looks like Flea the kitten can be a bit selfish at times. Watch her try to interfere with her owner’s […] More

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    Cute 2-month-old Kitten Befriends Huge Doberman

    Here’s something cute you won’t see everyday. Watch as this teeny tiny kitten adorably befriends a huge Doberman by giving him very sweet kitty kisses and cuddles. What lessons can we learn from animal friendships like this? WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE: More

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    Sweet Big Dog Attempts to Befriend a Tiny kitten

    It was a very sweet moment when this Big dog met this tiny kitten for the first time. The dog was very sweet and tries to introduce itself by gently nudging the tiny kitten using its nose. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this tiny kitten. It’s so cute it will melt your heart any minute. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share […] More

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