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    Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kittens

    There are so many facts about kittens that will surprise you in today’s top 10 list. Everyone adores kittens, but does everyone know about their quirks and special traits. In this ameowzing video, we count down the top 10 facts you don’t about kittens. Kittens have a unique journey to adulthood so stick around and […] More

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    Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

    It’s true that some people still believe that cats are all aloof and don’t care about their owners, maybe because they didn’t have the chance to live with a cat. Cats are like us, some are friendly, some aren’t, Some are sweet and some are territorial. To help you identify which personality your cat has, […] More

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    Body Language in Cats – Cat Tips

    There are so many ways cats express how they feel. unlike dogs, cats don’t wag their tails when they are happy and excited. Cat behavior is subtle but their body language can tell you a lot. Cats Protection behaviourist Nicky explains… [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. Visit Cat Protection for more cat […] More