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  • maine coon kitten kneading

    Little Kitten Preciously Kneads His Favorite Toy

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with this cute little kitten? Just take a look at how Tater the cat preciously kneads his giant furry friend. so in case, you’re looking for something adorable to brighten up your day, just sit back, relax, and watch this precious little Maine coon kitten befriends a giant teddy bear. More

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    Windshield Wipers Send Kitty Into Playful Frenzy

    This is hilarious! While it is raining outside, a cat inside the car tries to catch the moving windshield wipers. So adorable! The cat is sitting right up against the front window and every time the windshield wipers move, it quickly jumps back trying to catch them! This cat has so much energy! It never […] More

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