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    Funny Cat Invents New Version of Tail Chasing Game

    Just in case you feel bored and looking for something hilarious to turn your day around, Just sit back, relax and let this funny cat brighten up your day! It’s true that living with a cat is a blessing, aside from their cute and adorable face, their weird behavior is something that can magically erase […] More

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    This Brilliant Idea Is The Best Way To Make Your Cats Happy

    When it comes to toys or gifts, We all know that cardboard boxes are the best gifts that cats really love. But this brilliant video from 10 cats will give you an ameowzing idea on what to give your cats this summer. This ameowzing inexpensive gift will surely make your cats really happy and refreshed at the […] More

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    Sweet Cats Wake Up Their Human In The Most Adorable Way!

    Who needs an alarm clock when you can have these adorable cats? In this video from SuriNoel, You’ll witness how these two adorable Scottish Fold cats attempt to wake up their human in the most adorable way. Now, that’s how i wanted to wake up every morning! so precious. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with […] More

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    Man Comes Home to Find a Random Cat Who Broke Into His Home

    Here’s a unique story that you won’t see everyday. Nigeltown, An Imgur user shares his story of how he encountered a random cat who broke into his house. He shares, “I came home from work to find…this little floof just chillin’ in my house. He must have come in through an open window,” Nigeltown wrote. […] More

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    Why Do Cats Purr? Here’s The Real Reason Why Cats Purr

    It’s normal for cat owners to frequently hear their fur-babies purr. Since purring is the most common sound they make. Yet we know a few information about it than mewing, chattering, chirping. hissing, and growling. Why do cats purr? What’s all the reasons behind it? Let’s explore the feline brain and get to the bottom […] More

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    Sweet Kitty Keeps Daughter Company During Therapy

    Meet Hamilton! the adorable orange cat who really loves his little human. According to u/yellowromancandle, “It’s chest percussion therapy” “The vest is used for more than one disease, but my daughter uses it because she has cystic fibrosis.” Hamilton keeps my daughter company during therapy. from r/aww “His life started in the wilderness in Montana […] More

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    Weird Synchronized Cats Get Caught Pretending To Be Humans

    Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there’s always a cat or cats that will leave you surprised. Just take a look at these three sychronized cats for example. Twitter user, Steak600g shared this photo of three weird cats standing like humans on two of their feet. What makes the pictures even more surprising […] More

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