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    Cat Dad Preciously Bonds with His 2-Week-Old Kittens

    If you’re having a bad day and searching for something adorable to turn your day around, look no further! because this cat video will surely put a huge smile on your face! Watch as Adonis the cat preciously bonds with six cute kittens. It seems like Adonis the cat is quite excited to play with […] More

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    16 Adorable Friendship Between Cats and Little Kids

    What better play companion is there than these adorable cats? These super sweet kids are having a blast with their super sweet companions and it’s sure to give you an instant mood boost for the rest of your day! Hooray for adorable playmates and companions! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Happy Cat Addicted To His Catnip Mouse Toy

    If you’re having a bad day and looking for something funny to turn your day around, look no further! because this adorable fluffy cat will surely put a huge smile on your face.   Watch as Jack the cat enjoys playing catch and rolling around with his catnip mouse toy. He has a winning combination […] More

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    Stray Kitten Walks Up to A Stranger And Chooses Her New Dad

    It was a regular working day for a man named Kirill Georgiev, he was sitting on one of the office couches, when a tiny stray kitten randomly wandered into the office. The fluff ball jumped right into his lap. He wasn’t sure how to react at first, but the kitten was so adorable and clearly […] More

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    Cute Tiny Kitten Suddenly Falls Asleep On Her Back

    There’s nothing more precious than watching a mama cat bonds with her precious kittens. In this video, Miss Aww shares a precious moment of a cute fluffy kitten who slowly falls asleep on her back. The way this little fluff ball waves its paws while struggling to stay awake will brighten up your day. More

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    Funny Cat Invents New Version of Tail Chasing Game

    Just in case you feel bored and looking for something hilarious to turn your day around, Just sit back, relax and let this funny cat brighten up your day! It’s true that living with a cat is a blessing, aside from their cute and adorable face, their weird behavior is something that can magically erase […] More

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    Man Comes Home to Find a Random Cat Who Broke Into His Home

    Here’s a unique story that you won’t see everyday. Nigeltown, An Imgur user shares his story of how he encountered a random cat who broke into his house. He shares, “I came home from work to find…this little floof just chillin’ in my house. He must have come in through an open window,” Nigeltown wrote. […] More

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    Sweet Kitty Keeps Daughter Company During Therapy

    Meet Hamilton! the adorable orange cat who really loves his little human. According to u/yellowromancandle, “It’s chest percussion therapy” “The vest is used for more than one disease, but my daughter uses it because she has cystic fibrosis.” Hamilton keeps my daughter company during therapy. from r/aww “His life started in the wilderness in Montana […] More

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