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    Fifteen Tiny Kittens Found Dumped in Suitcase

    Fifteen little kittens were found abandoned inside a suitcase in Southampton. The kittens – all aged about just six weeks old – were found by a member of the public at about 8.30am on Friday, after someone pulled up in a car and dumped the open suitcase before driving off. It’s not clear if the […] More

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    Pregnant Stray Cat Goes to Health Clinic for Help

    This pregnant stray cat was crying for help outside a family health center as she was struggling to give birth. An Employee at the clinic noticed and heard her meows and took her to the nearest vet. The lucky mom was given a C-section and gave birth to 4 kittens. They’re all reportedly well and […] More

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    Meet Scout, The Paralyzed Kitty Who Didn’t Give Up on Life

    Scout was found at 6 weeks old with his siblings and feral mother cat in South Florida living in an alley way. Angelico Cat and Dog Rescue took them in, and medical tests were done for Scout. Doctors believe that he was born paralyzed, but it’s amazing how he interacts without letting his disability get […] More

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    Permanently Paralyzed Kitten Gets a Second Chance at Life

    Here’s the inspiring story of Star, the paralyzed kitten who didn’t give up on life. According to this kitten’s rescuers, A heartless stranger kicked the poor kitten and broke her back and left the scared kitten permanently paralyzed. Fortunately, a group of good samaritans decided to take action and gave her a second chance at […] More

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    Abandoned at 17 – New Beginning For A Senior Cat

    Abandoned at 17, after losing everything and being abused and mistreated, Cinnamon came to us angry, confused and full of hatred. And while we thought that her days were counted, she didn’t just survive, against all odd, she thrived. [Read more at The Orphan Pet] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Miracle Cat Survives Terrible Injuries & Becomes Viral Sensation

    For several days, A cat named Nadia, a tiny tortoiseshell kitty was carrying her injured body along the streets. The poor cat was searching for a safe shelter to hide and tend to her wounds. A mangled, gangrened leg, with fractures in three different parts of the bone threatening to shut down her entire system […] More

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