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  • Tiny kitten enjoys first meal after getting rescued

    Little Kitten Enjoys First Meal After Getting Rescued

    When this little kitten was found and rescued from the streets, He was all alone, hungry and desperately meowing for food. Fortunately, The Good Samaritan who found him decided to grant this tiny kitten’s little wish. and here’s what happened when the kitten received his first meal after getting rescued, listen to the excitement this […] More

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    3 Helpless Newborn Kittens Rescued Under A Steel Grate

    Here’s the heartwarming moment of 3 newborn kittens getting rescued under a steel grate.  Courtesy of: animalrescueteamla “Three of LA Animal Services’ finest, Animal Care Tech Supervisor Christine Carr and Animal Care Techs Lucy and Britta (while on a break) were contacted by some kids from a nearby school regarding some un-weaned kittens trapped under a steel […] More

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