Terrified Cat Rescued From The Streets, Returns The Favor By Guarding His Little Humans

This Adorable ginger and white mixed cat was once living on the streets of Greece, Without a proper shelter and food, this tiny kitten lived a very rough life. Until a group of kind people rescued him and gave him a second chance. You’ll be surprised of how this kitty returned the favor to his rescuers.

Meet the adorable kitty named BlaBla!

Cat protects little kid
The orphan Pet / Love Meow

BlaBla was a skinny little kitten when he was first spotted wandering on the streets “He was found in terrible condition when still a young kitten,” Valia Orfanidou said via The Orphan Pet.

After the little kitten was rescued and nursed back to health, The adorable ginger kitty captured the hearts of a wonderful couple within an instant. The couple adopted the kitten and gave him a warm loving home he needs. Their one and a half year old son, Peter, quickly grew very fond of his new furry friend and dubbed him “BlaBla” which stuck and became his name.

After several weeks of hiding, BlaBla finally came out of his shell and started to trust to his new family. Once he got to know love, he was hooked.

BlaBla really fell in love with his little human and always kept him company as if he was his most loyal purrsonal bodyguard.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

They became best friends and inseparable. [Scroll down for video]

Peter is very gentle with his furry friend. They are partners in crime, doing everything together, sharing their hiddy spots.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

They both love to chill and watch Television together. As they grew bigger, the bond only became stronger.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

Then Peter’s mother was pregnant with her second child.

Every day, BlaBla the cat shows how excited he is as to see his new human, He spent time to cuddle with his mama’s belly and purr to the baby in a purrfect lullaby.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

After waiting for 9 months, the sweet kitty finally got to curl up next to his new sister and he was in love.

Sweet Blabla is a gentle, loving soul to everyone in his family.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

Look how sweet BlaBla the cat as he guards his new sister while she’s sleeping.

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

He really adores her and can’t stop giving her kisses

The orphan Pet / Love Meow

BlaBla’s precious moment with his lovely humans…

(H/T: Lovemeow / Orphan Pet)

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