This Caring ‘Nurse Cat’ Cuddles & Comforts Abandoned Sick Animals in Polish Animal Center

nurse cat 1

Radamenes the kitten was just two-months old when found by the rescuers. The tiny kitten was in terrible shape and was rushed into a Polish clinic last year, Veterinarians thought this tiny kitten wouldn’t make it. Plagued with an extreme upper respiratory infection, they were planning to euthanize him – but, then he started to purr. It was a sign that he was not ready to give up on life yet and is the beginning of a miraculous recovery for the black kitty, and through it all he might have learned some tips about care giving.


nurse cat 2

The black kitty is returning the favor by helping other animals at the shelter recover.


nurse cat 2a

The staff noticed that Radamenes paid special attention to those, like himself, undergoing the most serious treatments.


nurse cat 3

Whether hugging or grooming the patients, the nurse cat spends much of his day purring the sickest back to health.


nurse cat 4

Radamenes has become quite the celebrity in the town of Bydgoszcz, attracting many visitors who want to observe his loving technique. And, like any good nurse, he doesn’t favor one species over another.


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