This Cat Was About To Be Euthanized, Until A Kind-Hearted Woman Gave Him a Second Chance

Henry the cat was about to be euthanized that day until a hero came to the rescue and gave the helpless cat a second chance at life. Look how happy he is after getting rescued.. so priceless!

Photo Courtesy Mandy Corby

“One of our dedicated foster carers (Adelle) rescued this gorgeous boy from the pound,” Cat Rescue Newcastle said. “He had a matter of hours before his time was up but we swooped in and did what we do best; saved a life.”

This is so heartwarming.. Henry couldn’t hide how happy he was after that.

“When I arrived and safely parked at the meeting place for his foster carer I decided to let him roam (in the car) since he had had a very stressful morning and was meowing constantly in his cat carrier,” Adelle said.


After Henry the cat got rescued from death row, it didn’t took long for him to find a new family and a forever home.

Here’s his new best friend!

Photo Courtesy Mandy Corby
Henry is now happy and can now sleep safe and sound with his family
Photo Courtesy Mandy Corby

(H/T: Lovemeow)

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