This Senior Cat Really Loves His Rescuer and Her Family More Than Anything

Bailey the cat cuddles with his human siblings

Abby was still in college when she found and rescued Bailey the ginger cat. Unfortunately, Pets aren’t allowed inside their dormitory. So she had to find a safe place for her rescued cat. Abby though about giving the cat to her parents, but they couldn’t take it since they already had 2 dogs at home. 


Eventually, Abby found a home for Bailey after an older neighbor agreed to take Bailey. It’s unfortunate that after a few days, Bailey was sent back to Abby’s care again. She somehow convinced her parents to adopt Bailey and he has been living with them ever since.


Thirteen years later, Bailey is reunited with Abby and her family, playing and cuddling with them all day long. Abby’s family really love the senior cat, Her kids love to dress him up as a princess. Bailey doesn’t mind – he loves his human siblings and Abby’s whole family so much.


Take a look at the video to see how beautiful a cat Bailey turned out to be:

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