This Stray Cat Gets Accepted By a Family. Now, The Cat Returns the Favor with a Priceless Gift.

It was a regular night for fishtank88 (Reddit user) & his family when they noticed something strange outside their door. When they checked it, There’s someone waiting for them. It was not a human but an adorable fluffy cat who wants to get inside. The family didn’t hesitate and let the fluffy cat get inside their house.


“We had never had a cat before and it has been a learning experience to say the least,” reddit user fishtank88 said.



The cat was so friendly and was so happy that someone accepted her. She now feels safe and warmer.

The family also noticed that the cat was not just all fluff. They knew the cat was pregnant.




“She kept getting wider and sleeping more, we knew she was pregnant”



“Unfortunately a lot of her fur became matted and we had to trim it back”



After several weeks, The cat gave birth to these adorable kittens



Such a priceless moment



As soon as the kittens are grow enough and ready for adoption, they will have the mama spayed.

“Watching these kittens grow up has been fantastic.”



Look how cute these babies are. They’re already 6-weeks-old in this photo.


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