This tiny kitten is the cutest kitten you’ll ever see!

Meet Memebon, An Exotic shorthair cat from Japan. This kitten has become an international star on the web after being name ‘the cutest kitten in the world’.

Here are some of the best shots of Memebon captured by her owner Sakurako Shimizu.

Memebon  says ‘Hello World!’


cutest kitten 6
Memebon and his Best pal.


Hey Human! Meet mi bodyguards


Time to sleep. But Memebon can’t sleep without someone singing a lullaby.

Human, can yu sing me a lullaby?


Yu zo good.. me sleepy now


cutest kitten 7

Is this the world’s Cutest Kitten? Watch the video below.

Credits to:  Sakura Shimizu | Imagur | team-fgm


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