Tiny Kitten Wouldn’t Stop Crying Until a Kind-Hearted Family Saved Her

Alyssa Weber and Josh Stott were spending their morning at Josh’s folks’ outbuilding, but something was coming up that was going to be the greatest rescue mission they had ever witnessed. Alyssa heard a high pitched bird-like sound that ran around the farm. However as she had had the experience of volunteering at Big Cat Rescue, she soon realized that it was a cry for help from a kitten. She was very disturbed by its mew so she rushed around trying to find the kitten. It seem to be coming from somewhere in the neighbor’s property. So she set off and found that the sound was coming from the inside of one of the sheds. However, the family didn’t have a relationship with the man next door, so if they tried a rescue it could be construed as trespassing on private land.

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