Tiny Stray Kitten Hobbles Up to a Couple Meowing For Help

kitten bonds with baby

A couple were walking down a street one day when they found a little kitten. The kitten was seen without its mother and crying for help.

When the poor little kitten spotted them, It hobbled straight up to them crying for help.


After the couple brought the kitten home, he continued to follow his rescuers despite having an injured foot. After many days of efforts and several trips to the vet, the little kitten’s health began to improve.


The couple suspects that the kitten had been abandoned by his cat mother due to his poor health. It was a miracle when the poor kitten survived on its own without food at such a young age.

The couple nursed the kitten back to health and fed him with a syringe until he was strong enough and ready to use a bottle.


The kitten was so energetic and happy to be with his new family. He became very attached to his rescuers especially his human dad. He keeps on following his dad and didn’t want to be separated from him.


Their other rescued cat, comes to offer a helping paw. She grooms the kitten after every meal.

The kitten’s foot started to show improvements after two weeks of sleepless nights. His energetic side came out and plays all the time.

The little kitten bonded with their baby girl. Looks like they’re best friends in the making.

Almost a month after they rescued him, the little kitten has made a full recovery and now lives happily with his new family in his forever home.

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