Unwanted Ginger Kitty Becomes BFF To Little Boy

When Abel’s mom was still carrying him in her womb, Their ginger cat named Larry was already there watching over him and excited to see his tiny human. Larry the cat was an unwanted cat but luckily found a loving home. Here’s his story shared by, Michelle, Abel’s mom:

“I had always wanted an orange cat so when a friend’s vet needed to get rid of 2 year old Larry for breaking into their food supply cabinet, I didn’t hesitate to adopt him.”

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“He was every bit as wonderful as people had always told me orange cats were. When I became pregnant a few years later Larry laid on my belly constantly. From the minute Abel came home Larry was in love.”






“Abel’s first smiles and giggles were often due to Larry. At 9 months Abel’s very first word was ‘Yarry'”.2560-3


“When Abel cries Larry runs over to comfort him. Abel makes sure Larry is with him when he moves from one room to another. Larry tolerates more than I’d ever imagined a cat could or would tolerate. We have another cat named Marty who is a sweet cat but not in love with Abel. He keeps a safe distance! 5 months ago we had another baby and Larry loves her dearly as well. She is starting to love him back.”



Larry enjoys being groomed while watching birds outside. What a life!







A very sweet moment of these two inseparable cuties.

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Story & Photo Courtesy of Michelle


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