Helpless Blind Cat Saved From Roadside. Finds Love & Forever Home

Meet Hot Dog, The Blind Ginger Cat who was found helpless at the side of the road. Hot Dog might be blind and looks sad but he’s now enjoying his new life with his new Family. Read Hot Dog’s Amazing Story below.

“My sister found him on the side of the road in June. We took him to the vet–he had some sort of an infection, so (one of his eyes) got taken out. He’s actually blind in the other eye as well,” reddit user l_n said.

“He is a very happy and friendly cat though!”


Despite being blind, Hot Dog navigates the house with no trouble at all! He’s a very smart kitty.


Hot Dog lives with his rescuer and her parents. They absolutely adore him. They even made him a kitty scarf for the winter!


He’s very happy and playful. He now has the warmth and love from a wonderful family that he deserves.


This is just a reminder that cats with special needs want loving homes too! Trust us on that!

Credits: love meow | l_n | imgur

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