Woman Leaves Her Cat Outside And Came Back To Find Him With His ‘Clone’

Loki the cat loves loves to play outside and will escape quickly whenever he sees the front door open. “Ever since he was a kitten, he has always been fascinated with the outside,” Larsen said. “And by fascinated, I mean running out and immediately sprawling out on the ground or eating grass.”
One day, Larsen was working inside her home when Loki went outside to enjoy the sunshine and then, something strange happened. Larsen heard growling coming from the yard, and rushed to see what was going on. And when she went outside to check it, she found two chubby gray cats that looks exactly like Loki the cat.
Larsen thought she was seeing double. “I’ve never seen another cat like Loki around our area before so when I got out and saw the scene set before me I was extremely confused!” Larsen said. “It took me a minute to process that one of these was not my guy!”

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