Family Tears Up Backyard to Rescue Cat Caught Under Cement

When Boo the cat went missing and got trapped under cement, Her owner, Peggy Tabachka was beyond devastated. She thought her precious cat had died until she heard her meowing from beneath the concrete surrounding the pool.
“I went over and I laid on the concrete, and I was crying, saying goodbye,” Peggy said. “Then I heard her.”
Courtesy of Vuz TV
After Peggy and her friends spent 2 days trying to rescue the trapped cat, she decided to call Cranberry Fire Department to ask for some help. The Fire Department suggested that a local landscaping company might be able to help. A Local landscaper from Metarko Landscaping came to work, Using sledgehammers and a circular saw, the landscapers successfully removed a large part of the walkway and create an opening to reach Boo.

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