Two Cat Ladies Visit Japan’s Cat Island & Welcomed By An Adorable, Talkative Kitty

When these two cat ladies decided to visit the famous cat island in Miyagi, Japan they were welcomed and greeted adorably by a sweet kitty who didn’t stop meowing to them. It seems like this talkative kitty is acting as their tour guide.

“On the way to the Cat Shrine on Japan’s Cat Island, we encountered a cat that started to follow us and wouldn’t stop meowing. Locals mentioned that she was the guardian of the Cat Shrine.”

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More info about the cat island:

Aoshima island (青島), Ehime, has become one of the popular destinations for the cat lovers. The island has 15 people (between 50-80 years old) and more than 100 cats. There is neither inn, restaurant nor vending machine.

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