Saving Wookie, The Emaciated Cat Who Didn’t Stop Looking For Love

A reddit user I_can_smell_purple shared a wonderful story of how she saved Wookie, The Emaciated cat who was Homeless and needing for love and affection.

I found this guy screaming his guts out under our front porch WAY out in the country during a snowstorm. The second I got him into the house I locked him in the bathroom. He was so terrified he was trying to climb the sides of the tub to get away. I thought he was feral. ((It’s hard to tell in this pic, but his left eye is leaking pus. Poor little dude.))


After about 30 minutes of sweet talking him, I was able to reach out and touch him. He leaned into my hand for love. He was so filthy, his fur was dull, and he was starving.


This is when I knew he was mine forever. Shortly after his first head rub, he flopped over on his back for belly scratches and he started to purr. Here you can see some of the burrs in his fur and his horribly infected eye.


He was emaciated, covered in burrs, was missing a chunk of his ear, had worms, had a terribly infected eye, and as you can see…was missing a chunk of his whiskers.



After quarantine he quickly figured out he loved soft beds and toys.




His big brother Keith decided he liked Wookie a lot. Keith loves kittens. They’re best friends now.


More Info: oddgirl1 | IMGUR



Maggie wasn’t so enthusiastic about another cat in the house. She looks so disgusted.


After he was all healed up and started gaining a little weight, he became FABULOUS!


During his gawky teenage years. That nose just kills me. You can see that his whiskers still haven’t quite grown back in. It took them FOREVER.


Now he’s my big squishy love bug. He probably weighs around 15 pounds and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. His paws are the size of the palm of my hand and he has the biggest, softest head. I’m surprised I haven’t petted all the fur off of him.

Credits: oddgirl1 | IMGUR

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