How To Walk Your Cat With A Harness

It’s pretty rare these days to see cats walking with a harness. Unlike dogs, it seemed to be so natural. Then here goes the fluffy, adventurous “King Curtis” Siberian Forest Cat from San Francisco California. According to the owner of King Curtis, it takes a lot of time, patience and yes, a lot of treats to make your cats walk with harness.
Training your cats to walk with harness would also depend on its special needs, age and behavior. Since every cats do respond differently, with that said, it is better to be more attentive. It is the best to introduce your cat to a harness as a kitten for it will be more natural and more accepting . However, older cats can also learn to walk on a leash but it will take a lot of patience. Still make leash training as a great positive experience. If you see that your cat is a great candidate for harness training, this video will help you and give you some tips about it. You may also want to follow King Curitis the adventurous cat!

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