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  • Calico cat brings injured kitten to woman

    Stray Cat Brings Her Injured Kitten To A Kind Stranger For Help

    One morning, Jamie saw a beautiful stray calico cat roaming around her neighborhood and realized she needs to do something to help to poor feline. She left food out for the kitty, then noticed that the cat had returned the next day for food again. It wasn’t long before these free meals became the norm […] More

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    Goat Becomes Best Friends With Tiger Who Was Supposed to Eat It

    A daredevil goat who was supposed to be dinner for a Siberian tiger has befriended the big cat instead. When Timur the goat was dropped into Amur’s enclosure at a Russian Safari Park, it chased the tiger right out of his own home. The scaredy-cat kept his distance and Timur has been sleeping on the […] More

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    Male Duck Nurtures 5 Abandoned Kittens

    When Harry the duck met these poor little kittens without their mother he did something unexpected. Harry the duck took care of these kittens and raised them under his wing. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Rescued Pitbull Adorably Snuggles with Adopted Tiny Kitten

    Bubba and Rue, a pit bull and kitten duo, prove that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. When the pit bull first met the weeks old kitten, she said that he was gentle and hesitant: “He knew immediately how delicate she was.” They rapidly warmed up to each other and became best of friends. […] More

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    Kitten Rescued From Recycling Center Conveyor Belt In The Nick Of Time

    Meet Murphy, The tiny kitten that was thrown into the garbage & ended up at a waste management center in Galt.  Tony Miranda, an employee at Northern California Recycling Center found something strange and noticed that something is moving inside the pile of trash he was sorting out. He was surprised when he found that it […] More

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    This Cat With Unique Markings Will Surely Amaze You

    Not every day you’ll see a stunning cat like this. With its unique black-and-white fur pattern, it makes him look like a dalmatian dog crossed with a cow. And when you see something like this kitty, I’m 100% sure that you won’t be able to resist and fall in love with it within seconds. “I’ve […] More

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