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  • Rescued stray kitten grows her lost fur in different color

    Rescued Stray Kitten Grows Her Lost Fur Back in Different Color

    Two tiny kittens found from the streets were brought to ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia. The poor little kittens were severely malnourished and desperately needed a foster home.   Shauna, a volunteer of the shelter, didn’t hesitate and offered to foster the kittens. Unfortunately, The weaker kitten, Loki, lost his fight within 24 […] More

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    Permanently Paralyzed Kitten Gets a Second Chance at Life

    Here’s the inspiring story of Star, the paralyzed kitten who didn’t give up on life. According to this kitten’s rescuers, A heartless stranger kicked the poor kitten and broke her back and left the scared kitten permanently paralyzed. Fortunately, a group of good samaritans decided to take action and gave her a second chance at […] More

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