Frozen Kitten Finds New Best Friend

Frozen Kitten Finds New Best Friend

Here’s an amazing story of a kitten who was found frozen in the snow and brought back to life. A youtube vlogger Branden Bingham shares the amazing story of this rescued kitten that captured his heart instantly. Read the story below.


Thanksgiving morning we awoke to about a foot of freshly fallen snow! It was exciting and the kids ran right out the front door to play in it. About 30 seconds into the fun my son stumbled over what appeared to be a frozen, lifeless kitten.


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My younger brother came over and went to touch it, assuming it would be frozen stiff. But the body was still limp. He picked the kitten up and rushed it inside to be by the fireplace.

Miraculously, after hours of warmth and care and a little kitty CPR, the little guy came back to life!

UPDATE: Here’s what the frozen cat looks like now.

We’ve never had a cat but I have never known kittens to follow you around like puppies but that’s exactly what this little guy does with me. He walks between my feet everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere! He lives on my lap, shoulders, head, wrapped around my calf, and pretty much anywhere he can get my attention.

Such an incredible recovery and couldn’t be more happy about my new best bud.

When a Cat chooses you. it’s pure joy.

Credits: Branden Bingham | Youtube


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