This Stray Cat’s Story Is The Proof That Black Cats Don’t Have Anything To Do With Bad Luck

This Stray Cat’s Story Is The Proof That Black Cats Don’t Have Anything To Do With Bad Luck

People have been fascinated by black cats for years – and as a result many superstitions evolved throughout history and across cultures. Today, most people in America consider black cats – especially one that crosses your path – to be a sign of bad luck.

But there’s this kind woman who took and saved a stray black cat despite the superstitions circling around black cats. In Fact, She didn’t care about it and just wanted to give a warm love to this helpless cat. You can read her wonderful story below.


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norbert black cat 1
About 4 years ago my neighbor started feeding this guy, who she lovingly named “Norbert” in her backyard. He had been mulling around spending time with her cat, but her husband was allergic so she could not bring him inside since one was already too many.

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norbert 2
I frequently cat-sat for her while she was out of town (and found the poor guy on more than one occasion after he ran off). I certainly enjoyed spending time with “Norbert”, once I finally coaxed him to come near me using some food. To my dismay, those dirty little front feet had no claws.


norbert 3
Fast forward a few months and I had moved out of the neighborhood to my own apartment, and I couldn’t leave the poor fella behind. He had clearly been someones pet. (My neighbor had seen him around the neighborhood for years. The owners were nowhere to be found.) It would sometimes take him hours in a day, but he would eventually come sit with me. He was still very high strung and ran straight under the bed with the slightest noise.



norbert 4
Another year goes by…he’s relaxed, fattened up, and become the biggest snuggle bug I have ever met. He has so much dog personality and with the weight he’s put on he’s pushing 20 pounds. I call him my little mini panther, but I have officially named him Linux. Yes I work in IT.


norbert 5
Two more years have gone by, and Linux is still my best friend. He recently started losing weight, had excessive vomiting, was drinking water all the time, and I thought I was losing him. Quick trip to the vet, and it turns out he has an overactive thyroid. He’s on medication for the rest of his life, but has plumped back up and gotten his personality back. He’s still an old man at an estimated 13, but still my baby boy nonetheless.


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