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    This Stray Cat Gets Accepted By a Family. Now, The Cat Returns the Favor with a Priceless Gift.

    It was a regular night for fishtank88 (Reddit user) & his family when they noticed something strange outside their door. When they checked it, There’s someone waiting for them. It was not a human but an adorable fluffy cat who wants to get inside. The family didn’t hesitate and let the fluffy cat get inside their house. “We had never had a cat before […] More

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    Abandoned Grey Kitten Found Behind Tool Shed Gets a New Sister for Life

    This kitten was all alone when a kind-hearted man found him behind a tool shed. Without thinking twice, the good samaritan took the tiny kitten inside his house and  introduced it to another kitten. Courtesy of: KATHY LYONS “My husband (Jack) was behind a tool shed at an apartment when something caught his eye… Teddy. He was about […] More

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    Stray Kitten Walks Up to A Stranger And Chooses Her New Dad

    It was a regular working day for a man named Kirill Georgiev, he was sitting on one of the office couches, when a tiny stray kitten randomly wandered into the office. The fluff ball jumped right into his lap. He wasn’t sure how to react at first, but the kitten was so adorable and clearly […] More

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