Kitten Survives After Being Thrown Out Of Car

Kitten Survives After Being Thrown Out Of Car

This tiny kitten almost died after being thrown out of a moving vehicle. Fortunately, there’s a  good samaritan who witnessed it and immediately rushed to help the kitten.

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After they witnessed what happened to this poor kitten, they immediately took it to SPCA Suncoast in New Port Richey. And there, they discovered that aside from the injuries it got from the previous incident, the kitten was also suffering from Infestation, pneumonia, and starvation.

The kitten is 3 weeks old. She is a Flame Point Siamese kitten. She has been named April.


“They did see somebody toss her out the window. Unfortunately, they stopped so quick to grab her that they didn’t get the person’s information,” SPCA Suncoast Executive Director Kerrianne Farrow said.



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Credit: ABC Television Stations
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