Naughty Tuxedo Kitten Annoys Sleeping Cat

All this fluffy kitty wanted is to finish his daily 16-hour sleep, but this playful tuxedo kitten doesn’t want to give it to his fluffy furiend.  Watch how this fluffy googly-eyed kitty reacted when his naughty kitten friend woke him up from a good sleep.
“The white cat is one of the most gentle cats I’ve ever known, but he clearly has had enough! And that kitten is asking for it! I think the kitten is secretly delighted by the white cat’s reactions. And notice how the white cat looks into the camera. What he is thinking is, “Why are you just standing there watching this happen?? Help me out here.” And yes, he is cross-eyed. He is part Siamese and that is sadly common in the breed.” Jill Esb Shared on her channel.

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