Persistent Kitty Won’t Stop Meowing Until Owner Wakes Up

One of the most hated moments in our life would be our phone alarming right? Wishing we could sleep longer, and rest even better. But what happens when a charming feline buddy is being so persistent in waking you up? YES WE ARE NOT KITTEN around HERE!
Cats could be a reliable alarm clock! Could they read clocks? Well not that they can read alarm, but perhaps they can read you. After sharing a lot of times and moments together, your cute little bud will get accustomed to your routine because these felines are creature of routine. Turns out, this moment could be the first moment you could look up to every time you wake up each morning. Meet Butter, an adorable cat who persistently wakes up his owner with a bunch of cute meows! “Now’s the time to wake up meow Hooman!” enjoy watching!

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