When These Two Rescue Cats Met, They Instantly Connected & Couldn’t Stop Holding Paws

When these two adorable rescue cats met for the first time, their human was worried that these two wouldn’t get along easily. Surprisingly, The opposite happened and It didn’t took long for these wonderful cats to get to know each other. On that day, the cats surprised their humans with their sweetness.

“The best thing we’ve ever done for Bean was adopt Sydney,” reddit user Fox_ears wrote. “The tuxedo is Bean and the tabby is Sydney.”



“We found Bean as a stray 2 years ago and have had him as an only cat up until I found Sydney while volunteering with an animal shelter. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I brought her home the next day thinking Bean would make a fuss but they were friends from the moment they met. He’s much more active now and seems much happier. They cuddle and play all day.”



They love to hold paws all the time. and it seems that no one can separate these two.



Such a wonderful sweet kitties <3



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