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    Ameowzing Custom-made Elevator Made Just For Cats

    Cat owners will definitely love this invention. A Custom-made Elevator made just for cats. Youtube user/uploader, CrazyMrJohn commented “The elevator is fully operated by the cat. the cabin is fitted with an infrared catflap, only the domestic cat has access.” Purrfect way for your cats to get down from 2nd floor to the ground floor without getting injured. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share […] More

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    Meet Sid, The Cat Who Loves Taking a Shower

    We all know that most cats hate water. They will either bite or scratch you when you try to bathe them. But there’s this this adorable, Black & white cat who does the opposite. Meet Sid, the adorable kitty who really loves taking showers. In this video from Rumble Viral, Sid the cat was caught by his owner relaxing inside the […] More

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    Cutest Cat Ever Plays in the Sink

    While most cats spend their time sleeping 16 hours a day. This adorable, black & white cat at an animal local shelter is quite different. The kitty found a unique way to spend her free time rolling around and playing in the sink. Hey hooman, check this meowt. This place iz so ameowzing!   Such an adorable kitty <3   […] More

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    Who Says a Cat Cannot Learn Tricks? Meet Freddie, the Clever Kitty.

    Meet Freddie, The clever & adorable kitty that will amaze you with his adorable tricks. Believe it or not this fluffy cat can’t just do a single trick, He can do lots of it! As you click the play button below you’ll see Freddie doing different kinds of aMEOWzing tricks he learned from his human. How cute is that? Who said […] More

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    Ginger Kitty Loves To Play Classical Music With Its Human

    Who doesn’t like hearing an amazing piano piece? No one, It’s so relaxing right? Even this ginger cat in japan loves listening to it as well. And it will surprise you because this cat doesn’t just want to listen to it. It also wants to play the piano too. After the cat heard its human play the […] More

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    Once You Get In This Cat Cafe In Tokyo, You Will Not Wanna Leave

    As a cat owner for more than two decades,  I can honestly say that i always feel better whenever there’s a cat on my sight. Maybe because of the daily fun and exciting memories my cats shared with me. And it’s true that Cats always know how to make people forget their problems, even for a while. So that’s why i am grateful […] More

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    Cats are the Best Medicine!

    Aside from being cute, lovable, and funny. According to science, Cats can actually help a a person fight depression, sadness, and stress. There’s nothing better than having a cat by your side.   Cole & Marmalade shares, “The many health benefits of owning a cat! Stress relief, reduced blood pressure, reduced anxiety and increased feel good […] More

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    Adorable Kitten Crashes TV Reporter on Live Newscast

    It’s true that one tiny kitten can turn your ordinary day to an extra ordinary one. In this video from WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 a very cute kitten demonstrates how to brighten someone’s day no matter what the situation is. and it’s really aMeowzing!   “An adorable kitten decided to crash WXYZ reporter Nima Shaffe’s live shot […] More

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    Cat and Guinea Pig Befriend Wild Squirrel

    It’s really amazing to see when two different animals share a wonderful bond together but when another type animal joins their bond, It’s something extraordinary and it will absolutely will melt your heart. In this video from Rumble Viral, An adorable cat and its friend Guinea Pig were trying to befriend a cute but wild squirrel outside the […] More

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