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    Cat Missing For Over A Year Found In Pet Food Warehouse

    It is so true that cats are really independent and clever creatures. They were born hunters and know how to survive in different situations. Like this fluffy feline, for example.   After missing for more than 16 months, This Norwegian Forest Cat named Clive was found living it up in a pet food warehouse. Share […] More

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    Most Affectionate Tuxedo Cat You’ll See Today!

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with this very sweet tuxedo kitty? Aside from his adorable looks, this affectionate cat also loves to give kitty kisses and unlimited head bonks. Watch as CatPusic as he demonstrates how he makes everyone fall in love with him within a matter of seconds. Such an adorable kitty! Share this video […] More

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    Miyu the Cat Preciously Bonds with Her Cute Fluffy Kittens

    There’s nothing better than witnessing a mama cat taking care of her little kittens. In this video from Miss Aww, You’ll witness a very precious moment between Miyu the cat and her cute fluffy kittens. Watching them bond and talk together will 100% brighten up your day! Share this video with your friends. More

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    Golden Retriever Watches Over Foster Kittens Playing on His Bed

    In case you’re having a bad day and looking for something adorable to turn your day around, look no further! Take a minute just to sit back, relax and let this cute animal friendship between a dog and cute little kittens brighten your day!   These super cute and tiny little five-week-old foster kittens love […] More

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    Friendly Bird Desperately Wants To Play With Cute Tiny Kittens

    Who says cats and birds cannot get along? This proves otherwise. Watch as this fearless budgie bird tries its best to play with a bunch of cute little kittens. And when mama cat noticed that one of her babies was getting annoyed by this energetic bird, she quickly defended her precious baby and let it […] More

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    This Teeny-Tiny Kitten Will Melt Your Heart!

    Get ready, this teeny-tiny kitten is about to release all the “aww’s!” you have in your system. You will be surprised when you see how tiny this kitten is. This precious kitten maybe small but it’s cute enough to brighten your whole week! More

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    Fluffy Kitty Welcomes Human Home Everyday

    Who doesn’t want to be welcomed home by a fluffy and adorable kitty! Meet Fats, The fluffy kitty.   “Everyday when I come home from work, my cat is there to greet me. He waits for me by the window or runs down form the stairs, then he’ll stretch, fall, and go belly up,” TheMoonwalkerVideos wrote. More

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    Cat Slaps Tail Across Owner’s Face

    If you are looking for an adorable moment to turn your day around, look no further! Watch as this adorable cat interrupts his human in the most adorable way.   “This guy was just minding his own business when his cat decided to sit next to him and be a jerk. As he tried to […] More

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