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    Cat Loses Kittens, Then Adopts and Nurses a Litter of Puppies!

    Here’s an amazing story of a mother cat in South Carolina who lost all of her kittens and decided to snatched a litter of puppies away from their mother. You’ll be surprised as this loving cat nursed the tiny puppies as if they were her own kittens. [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Affectionate Kitty Really Loves To Snuggle with BFF Dog

    You just can’t help but fall in love with this affectionate kitty and her very patient dog friend. Watch as this loving cat snuggles up next to a totally relaxed Golden Retriever. Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends? [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    Hero Cat Saves Sleeping Florida Family From Fire

    Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they disguise themselves as a four-legged creature and live with us. Meet Gizmo, the hero cat from Florida who saved his family from fire. According to Ron Perkins, he was sleeping on the couch when their cat named ‘Gizmo’ woke him up. What he quickly realized was an oven […] More

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    9+ Cute Cats Who Got Too Curious

    It looks like these adorable cats had a whole lot of fun! These adorable cats found new ways to entertain themselves and their animal siblings by playing around with some new and exciting toys! You can always count on curiosity to keep your brain turning and your creativity flowing! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with […] More

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    How to Bathe a Cat!

    We all know that Most cats HATE bath time, but do you know there’s an effective and safe way to bathe a kitten? Here are some tips from Cole & Marmalade that can help make cat bathing time as stress-free as possible for cats AND humans! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this video with your friends. More

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    10 Supurr Hero Cats Who Saved The Humans They Love

    While they have long provided mousing services and companionship to people, cats are sometimes characterized as aloof, selfish, and mercenary in their relationships with humans. Here are 10 stories of Hero cats felines who defy this stereotype, whose bravery saved their owners lives. Share this video with your friends. More

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    This Energetic Little Kitten Is Way Too Cute For Words!

    We’ve posted cute kittens before, but this little fluff ball takes it to an all new level! Watch as this little kitten hops and jumps around while trying to get his human’s attention. The way he meows and stares the camera will melt your heart to pieces. Such an adorable kitty! [mashshare shares=”false”] Share this […] More

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    This Guitar Loving Cat Jams with His Human

    Cats are definitely the best! they can easily make us smile and forget our problems within an instant. Take a look at this cat, for example. Watching this cat bonds with his human will surely turn your bad day around. “He was changing strings on a vintage cowboy acoustic guitar when he noticed his cat […] More

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