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A Cat Was Surrendered To Humane Society Because Of Being Excessively Affectionate

Jerry, a four-year-old cat from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently made headlines for an unusual reason – he was surrendered to a Humane Society for being too affectionate. His previous owner had complained that he was bothering her and was just a little too much. This unique case caught the attention of many, and Jerry’s story soon went viral on social media.
The Humane Society team posted about Jerry on social media on a Thursday night, and by Friday morning, they were overwhelmed with inquiries from people wanting to adopt him. The post even caught the attention of celebrities, with Debbie from Two Broke Girls among those who shared Jerry’s story.
Luckily, Jerry soon found a new forever home with the first family that met him. They fell in love with him immediately and adopted him. Not only did Jerry get adopted, but his new mom also paid it forward by making a donation to pay for the adoption fee of three felines that were still looking for a home.
Overall, Jerry’s story had a significant impact on the adoption rates at the Humane Society. In fact, the number of cat adoptions increased significantly after Jerry’s story went viral. On that Friday alone, they had 17 or 18 cat adoptions – a lot for a single day – and the cats have continued to fly out of the shelter since then.
Jerry’s story is a reminder that there are many incredible pets out there waiting for a chance to find a loving home. They all have a story to tell and deserve a chance to live a happy life. There are animals everywhere that need homes, and if Jerry’s story can enlighten people and cause them to realize that pets are waiting for homes in their local shelters and rescue groups, then that is a positive thing. There are many Jerry’s all over the country waiting for their chance.
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