Amazing Recovery Of A Blind Kitty Living On The Streets Hiding In The Garbage

Here’s the heartwarming story of Pookie, The blind stray kitten who was rescued and given a second chance at life.

According to Viktor Larkhill, Pookie was alone, walking without direction, hiding under cars, under garbage containers, sniffing around, looking around him, trying to make sense of it all but seeing absolutely nothing.

Courtesy of Viktor Larkhill

Little Pookie was in terrible shape when he was found and rescued. Vets weren’t sure if the poor kitten would survive. But little Pookie never gave up and continue to fight for his life.

Courtesy of Viktor Larkhill

Pookie is now starting to live with his new life. He was adopted by loving human mom that will always be there for him. Pookie lost both of his eyes but he gained the love and shelter he needed the most.

Courtesy of Viktor Larkhill


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